Reach your audience. Tell your story.
Inspire action. Produce real results.

At SMP Media, our goal is simple: Maximize the impact of your marketing message.

Whether it’s watching TV, playing a game on their tablet or sharing their lives on social media (or doing all at once!), consumers can now react, interact and act with your brand message. At SMP Media, we know the best places and times to reach them and deliver your message effectively.

At SMP Media, we offer a holistic media strategy approach that encompasses traditional, digital as well as new and emerging media.


By carefully listening and understanding your goals, we’ll develop a comprehensive media strategy that will reach your potential customers no matter where they are and deliver your message coherently and effectively. We’ll ensure that you leverage the potential of the latest media technology.


Over the past 25 years, we’ve developed deep and extensive relationships with our media partners that are going to maximize your media investments. And we’ll continue to aggressively negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf.


With SMP Media, you’re going to be partnering with a dedicated and experienced team whose goal is to help you to reach your audience, tell your story, inspire action and produce real results.

Who We Are

Our team:

SMP Media is an advertising agency that has specialized in strategic media planning, negotiating and media buying for more than 25 years. SMP Media is owned by Diane Marcil and is totally independent.

Diane Marcil:

20-year agency veteran, Diane has experience in all aspects of advertising; customer service, promotion, direct marketing. However, media is her true forte. Her expertise in multi-platforrm campaigns (traditional, digital and emerging media) make her a valuable partner.

Média interactif

  • Integrated planning with traditional media campaigns as well as on-line only campaigns
  • In-depth SEO analysis
  • Purchasing
  • Bidding strategies
  • Semantic approaches
  • Targeting
  • Continual campaign optimization
  • Live results reporting analysis through Google Analytics
  • Complete post-campaign performance reports
  • Banner creation and deployment
  • Website creation

Our Services:

  • Strategic media development
  • Analysis and research
  • Media planning and close negotiations and buying
  • Complete media estimate and broadcast traffic
  • Strict follow-up of affidavits and media payments
  • Continual monitoring of media campaign performance and post-analysis
  • CRM management and promotion
  • Partnership/Sponsorship development and management

Contact Us

SMP Média (Service Média Payant Inc.)

417, St-Pierre St.
Suite 801
Montréal (Québec) H2Y 2M4

T: 514-842-6666
F: 514-842-4753
info at servicemp dot ca